Why Do New England Pastors need a retreat?


The Numbers are Staggering.

New England is a spiritually desolate land. Pastors and their spouses trying to reach their communities here experience discouragement at a higher level than other pastors in America.

When the Pastor’s Encouragement Retreat began, more than 50% of pastors were leaving New England each year discouraged. Among the pastors who attend this free retreat, the turnover rate has dropped to less than 7%, the national average.




Graph of pastors who remain in New England


The Pastor's Encouragement Retreat renews and refreshes these leaders. From Maine to Connecticut, from Vermont to Rhode Island, pastors report that their most effective years came after an experience at the retreat.



Pastors who attend the retreat leave renewed and ready for another year of service. Many have incredible success rate in their home churches because of the momentum that they gain at the retreat.




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The England Pastors retreat is made possible through generous gifts from people who love and support those in New England. Your gift of $350.00 paves the way for a New England pastor and spouse to join us at the retreat.


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